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Optimized Process
Quality Blinds

Direct Online Blinds, Shop online for our quality blinds,Direct Online Blinds is our online retail store for our quality blinds. We have been supplying quality blinds for our customers thru our online store since 2013.  Our blinds are made in Australia and made of quality materials bespoke made to your specification. Visit to see and shop for our quality blinds.

Blinds for Tilt  & Turn Windows

Blinds for tilt and turn windows, are type of blinds specially manufatured by ///P A T R E N Z A to fit modern windows with a function of tilt and turn. Perfect fit for specialised windows and doors on both aluminium frame and uPVC materials. We specialised on this type of blinds and has been supplyig for the past 10 years all thru out Australia and New Zealand. Visit our dedicated website for this product

Flexible Utilization
Optimized Process
Quality Rugs Online for all design application

Direct Online Rugs is ///P A T R E N Z A s home of the highest quality rugs online. With a lot of design, types and colours to choose from, not to mention it is the best value rugs in Australia. We use our 10 years experience in sourcing and supplying quality product to give you the best value rugs online. All of this comes with excellent service. Visit our online rugs store at

Norman Shutters-Authorised Supplier and Installer

///P A T R E N Z A is an authorised supplier and installer of NORMAN Shutters the best known and trusted brand worldwide in plantation shutters. We have been using this product and brand for the past 10 years on our high end and domestic projects and it is by far the best in terms of its durability and quality. Trust your investment to a reliable product and expert service. Visit their online showroom by clicking here 

Website Creation & Business Solutions

///P A T R E N Z A has created and managed all of its websites for the past 10 years. We have shared this experience thru our service to other businesses who requires online presence from online store, hotel, restaurants and service providers. We will work with you in creating your website and integrate it to your business management and solutions. Contact us if you require this service.

    Quality Products & Excellent Service

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